Balanced economy forum

November 17th in Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel)
Organized by the Green Tiger, Swedbank and Äripäev as the closing event of Tallinn Greentech Week.

The lion’s share of society understands that the current economic model oriented towards endless growth, the main measure of which is the volume of production (GDP), is no longer sustainable. Raw materials cannot be taken from the nature endlessly. 


However, we have not dared to ask loudly and openly, what could be offered to replace the current economic system. We see and hear that the “elephant is in the room”, but we prefer to deal with the familiar and habitual. Now that is about to change. Let’s turn the lights on and, for the first time, discuss what the change accompanying the green revolution is and how would a new economic model, which does not exhaust nature, but helps it to recover, look like.




The “Elephant in the Room” forum wants to encourage Estonian decision-makers to look for and implement new models. 

We are expecting leaders of change, entrepreneurs and public sector leaders who want to have a say in shaping the economic environment of the future to join us at the forum. The event is aimed at everyone who believes that the green revolution is a great opportunity and a question of competitiveness for the Estonian economy and people.


We will introduce new concepts from economic thinkers from other parts of the world – New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Nordic countries. 


 We discuss whether and how the Estonian state and companies can implement these examples. 


Kate Raworth
Oxford University researcher and author of the book "Doughnut Economy".
Tim Jackson
Economist, University of Surrey (UK)
Prof. Edward Barbier
Colorado State University, School of Global Environmental Sustainability, author of “Economics for a Fragile Planet”