Alexela enlightens NEXPO on the smart use of electric vehicles

Alexela, an energy firm, is propelling the green revolution forward by forging green technologies. To advance sustainable mobility, Alexela is orchestrating a widespread electric vehicle charging network and establishing stations for hydrogen and biomethane refuelling. The company is also pioneering a shift to 100% renewable energy through the construction of solar and wind farms, and the development of innovative energy solutions such as renewable energy water storage, a peak load biomethane power plant and a virtual power plant.

Kadri Ambos, Alexela’s sustainability chief, outlines the company’s eco-centric initiatives: “We adhere to the full-energy-chain model, delivering energy as a service.” She adds that Alexela’s broad experience and varied energy offerings position it as a steadfast and versatile partner, adept at adjusting to customer needs and the dynamic (urban) environment. “Navigating the interplay between new investments, identifying accurate future trends, and managing our existing energy portfolio is quite the endeavour,” she remarks.

At the onset of GreenTech Week, Alexela will demonstrate smart electric vehicle use and present a workshop on the NEXPO stage, which will look at how to make the right choices in rapidly evolving mobility technology. The workshop explains the difference between advanced “smart” and basic electric car chargers and helps electric car owners select the best chargers that are not only safe and reliable but also equipped with forward-thinking capabilities. The workshop, moderated by Alan Vaht, Alexela’s e-mobility lead, is scheduled for 14 November from 17:00 to 18:00 on the NEXPO City Highlight stage.

Ambos stresses the importance of Tallinn hosting NEXPO and Greentech Week, voicing hope for the event’s future iterations. “As the European Green Capital, it’s both a right and a responsibility for Tallinn to act as an ally to private enterprises in green technology advancement. The opening of Alexela’s hydrogen filling station here in 2024, marking Estonia’s first public hydrogen station, stands as a testament to this commitment,” Ambos adds, emphasising the importance of the project as a hallmark for Tallinn’s contribution to the green initiative.

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