5 exciting companies changing the world for the better

This fall Tallinn will become the greentech capital of the world. Let’s get to know some of the companies taking part of NEXPO Tallinn in November!

TurbineCrew Inc. is a start-up from South Korea focusing on producing sustainable energy. What makes the company special is that they produce it with small wind turbines that work on recycled batteries. Wind turbines are placed on the median strips on the highways, which generate energy from the draft of wind. In addition, the company collects and analyzes information about weather data (humidity, cloudiness, atmospheric pressure) with the help of AI in order to make their products more efficient.

Coming from Germany, DRYAD has developed a technology that helps to discover wildfires ultra-early. Generally, it can take hours of even days to discover forest fires, and because of that it is extremely difficult to eliminate damage. However, DRYAD’s sensors can do the same work in less than an hour, covering up to 6 km of area.

Biogas may initially cause mixed feelings, but it is an extremely important part in creating a greener future. Biovoima from Finland has made it its goal to design, build and produce biogas plants that use everyday BIOWASTE to produce biomethane. Additionally, biomethane, electricity and heat are also produced. Biovoima also has a big role in waste management companies, the agricultural sector, sewage treatment plants and the food industry.

Something for the body and mind! Mulieres is a brand from Estonia that started when the company’s founders had children whose sensitive skin did not tolerate chemical detergents. The need for cleaner and more effective products encouraged them to experiment with grandma’s old soap recipes. Products that were initially used only in their own family have quickly found their place among thousands of families around the world.

Coming from Latvia, BRUNTOR started from a fun idea and an electric off-road skateboard, which has now evolved into a cargo-scooter. The brand is fairly new, and constant growth and new developments happen on a daily basis. Bruntor Cargo can be used on a professional level, for example by courier companies, as well as in everyday life, i.e by elderly people when buying weekly groceries.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the companies and to witness these new technologies in action at NEXPO Tallinn, a greentech expo taking place from 13 to 17 November as part of Tallinn GreenTech Week.

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