Conference & on-site activities
@ Kultuurikatel
9:00-22:00 (EET)


Off-site visits & on-site networking
@ NEXPO City
8:45-21:00 (EET)





Smart City Convention (SCC) is tackling issues of strategic innovation, human-centric implementation of smart city tools, and connecting public and private sectors. 


It’s an opportunity to learn about the current state of innovative urban projects and what the future might hold. The objective of this event is to promote thinking outside the box, encourage active networking and sharing peer-to-peer knowledge. 


The Convention is targeting urban professionals – politicians, experts and specialists, working towards making cities innovative and sustainable. 


DAY ONE 14.11.23

The venue is located in front of Tallinn Creative Hub Kultuurikatel, just next to NEXPO Greentech Exposition 

The human-centric urban approach is a comprehensive strategy for urban development that puts people first, emphasizing social foundations and smart cities designed to improve the lives of those living in them.

Private sector businesses can leverage the resources of local governments to support growth in their core competencies, while the public sector can benefit from expertise in areas from automatization to customer happiness, which could create incentives for joint investments in R&D. How can governments promote a culture of innovation through hackathons and incubators? Both sides working together could manifest in creating policies beneficial to all stakeholders, including citizens, entrepreneurs and the government. 

What are the effective governance systems to explore opportunities for public-private partnerships and how to create an enabling environment for innovation?

In times of uncertainty agility is the key. Public innovation includes focusing on agile governance approaches and use of technology that prioritize quicker decision-making for more efficient problem-solving. Reducing red tape might spur creativity, collaboration, and innovation. The tools for reforms could include developing clear metrics for success; creating effective data management systems that allow evidence-based decision-making; and providing resources. How to innovate such a complex phenomenon and who have succeeded? 

How to create cities that are not only smart, but also resilient and inclusive? The human-centric approach holds an idea for urban development that puts people first, emphasising social foundations and technology to improve lives with ample resources, and providing for basic needs, such as secure housing, reliable transportation, efficient energy systems, green spaces and access to quality education and healthcare.


Opening notes by Martin Villig, Co-founder of Bolt – challenges in working with the public sector 

FUN invitation & Q&A

A one-of-a-kind event that shines a light on the power of failure by hearing stories from people who have failed. It’s a place for sharing and celebrating, rather than shaming. Participants come together to tell real stories about their own missteps and discuss the lessons learned.

DAY TWO 15.11.23

A: Ülemiste City and e-Estonia Briefing Centre – Estonia’s first smart business district 

B: Tehnopol Science and Business Park 

C: Bolt Headquarters 

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